Mood tracker for daily emotions in my Bullet Journal! Great to look back on and see that between the


Mood tracker for daily emotions in my Bullet Journal! Great to look back on and see that between the small rough patches are amazing days all bunched together


  1. Posted by beautiful_broadway, — Reply

    if you’re not great at art or don’t want to draw the whole thing out, there’s an app called daylio that lets you enter your mood each day and it creates one of these for the year

  2. Posted by arrroze, — Reply

    mine would be completely yellow and light blue as I'm bad at judging things but am rather optimist "oh I got stuck outside my house during a storm but I ate a delicious cake in the morning so it's gonna be good day"

  3. Posted by SiriOrionPotter, — Reply

    the funny thing about this is if you look at it you automatically notice bad then eh and then up from there the colors slowly becoming closer to each other there fore it’s kinda a metaphor for life in the way that you take notice of the bad days more than the good but if we were to count them the good would put number the bad

  4. Posted by km3342741, — Reply

    hey, Avril, do you have a Roblox account called pretty_avril123 if you do I stole it and never giving it back so hahaha from cutepanda82743

  5. Posted by inayahlayan, — Reply

    mine would be filled with,red,orange&teal cause my year has been terrible so far😥😢😭,but hey it might just get better soon or maybe i'm just being too negative or something,i don't know i'm trying to be positive here but its really hard to be positive right now when for the past decade my life has been so bad but i'll try my best 😊😉😁

  6. Posted by bombshellcutey0902, — Reply

    J. A. S. O. N a. u. e. c. o n. g p. t. v u. s. t. o. e a t. e. b. m r. m. e. b y. b. r. e e. r r

  7. Posted by uwusensei, — Reply

    *colors everything red*

  8. Posted by violetsloon, — Reply

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the letters start from april i was soo confused

  9. Posted by jyeshtha07, — Reply

    I think this person is hving the best life mine imma colour all those boxes red

  10. Posted by lbuf1265, — Reply

    But the great day and amazing day are almost exactly the same color... could be confusing

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