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  1. Posted by adagioborn, — Reply

    While this is aesthetically pleasing, a menstral cup can save you space, time, and money! Plus all that waste could be avoided. Definitely not for everyone, but don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!

  2. Posted by sarahclaus, — Reply

    I personally love this because not only do I keep stocked up, it is polite to have a drawer that your guests know they can grab something when needed!

  3. Posted by sarah_kashiii, — Reply

    Hey beautifuls! If you like travel, food, positivity, and aesthetics come check out my account and join my self love colab board! Maybe even follow?? (If not, no big deal 😊) alright, love you, bye! 😘✌️💗

  4. Posted by kristinpeckman, — Reply

    That good idea but I don’t need anymore I had surgery 2 year ago I’m 38 year old now I’m free!!!! Sorry guys I know jealous sorry 😂

  5. Posted by chastitypike, — Reply

    I love this idea! I’m always looking for a new way to organize all my bathroom necessities.

  6. Posted by MaddieKinzz, — Reply

    Those pink pads are thick asf

  7. Posted by ashmcknight321, — Reply

    Me and mah sista share the upstairs br so I'm getting a vanity in my room cuz that br is tiny

  8. Posted by pamelaocame, — Reply

    OK, this is a little ridiculous. I'm glad I don't have to deal with this anymore! Lol

  9. Posted by SimplySeasideOrganizing, — Reply

    Isn’t this so inspiring? For more go visit

  10. Posted by coralweston14, — Reply

    lmao im confused is that gloves on the right i cant tell what it is

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