35 Sad Thoughts We All Have When We Feel Like We're Just Not Good Enough


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  1. Posted by Krithy23, — Reply

    Oof right in the feelings

  2. Posted by baileyjmcc, — Reply

    Haha this reminds me of the DempseyRollBoy song

  3. Posted by cjenk014, — Reply

    I’m in a rather great mood dumbass 😂

  4. Posted by hishammh11011, — Reply

    That's me every night hope you come better

  5. Posted by pmastsr, — Reply

    I was awake till 3am so yea

  6. Posted by hopefawn, — Reply

    Be happy don't worry

  7. Posted by teagan667, — Reply

    All I do is hope I don’t wake up

  8. Posted by melissamullin16, — Reply

    I like sleep almost as much as I like salmon

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